What Are People Saying About Sluggers?

I am sending to you this email to thank you and Coach Sanborn for a very successful Spring Season. Under your strong leadership, the players on this team came together as a team unit and surpassed the expectations of many.  
I have seen growth in each and every kid since you started this team less than a year ago, not just in skill set, but in character, which means alot to me as a parent.  (Not just an asst. coach).  I am sure the parents of this team feel the same way.  Seeing how close the boys are becoming with one another as they get more playing and practice time together is a joy.  The friendships being made on this ball club are the ones that last a lifetime, and the ones the players will remember well into adulthood.  
.......This team is one of the best if not the best fielding defensive team that I have seen play together at any level under 13u in recent years.  You and Coach Sanborn should be very proud of that accomplishment.  This is a direct result of the coaching tactics you guys employed at the start of last fall’s season.   
Thanks again for a Great Spring Season
- Todd 

"Chris, it has been an eye opening experience, to say the least. Your coaching style, coupled with your attention demanding drills, has completely changed the way my son view baseball. He is so excited to come to your clinic, and was genuinely upset when it ended last night. He has grown leaps and bounds from the fall season, totally in thanks to you and your crew. I cannot wait for him to get to work with you again, and honestly I cannot wait to use your drills in his LL practices.

Thanks again!"

-Jim H.

"Thank YOU all for your support and encouragement of our boys.  The level of coaching was far superior to anything we’ve experienced so far and it was heartening to hear the messaging about sportsmanship and behavior."

-Kerry V

"...thanks to you for pulling this together.  You clearly have it down to a science.  I think many of the players improved and Matty had a really good time."

-Kevin S.