About us

We are the Shenandoah Sluggers Baseball Club (SSBC). Our goal is to mentor young Sluggers and teach them the many life lessons associated with the great game of baseball.  To instill the integrity of the game into each player while showing them it’s possible to play with class and sportsmanship, win or lose.  The Shenandoah Sluggers Baseball Club wants to provide the best learning environment, the best competition and the most fun the game has to offer.  We want the kids to feel a sense of pride when they wear Sluggers Green since they are not only playing for their teams and their families, but they are also representing the people of Western Loudoun County.


What is a SLUGGER…..the definition says one who hits the ball far and another is one who throws hard punches……

Shenandoah SLUGGER is……when one is:

Student of the game both on and off the field

  • Learn and understand why you are doing the individual drills and how you build on it for team drills and team play.  When watching others play, focus on the position that you play and watch how they play the position.

Love for the game

  • It is critical in order to want to get better and play the game correctly, you need a burning desire, passion, and focus that comes from the Love for the game baseball.

Understands the situation and makes the right play

  • As a player, both on and off of the field during a game, you need to make sure that you understand each situation, each pitch, while playing defense, batting, or on base.  Always understand the situation and always want the ball to be hit to you, the one up at bat, or the one running the base.

Gives 110% as a player both at practice and game

  • When you step on the field you come both mentally and physically prepared to go to work and get better.  It is critical that you understand that you are accountable for your play both at practice and games.  Take Ownership, do the little things correctly, and the bigger things will take care of themselves.

Gives 220% as a student in the classroom

  • As a member of the slugger baseball club, not only should you strive to become a better baseball player, but also more importantly strive to represent the club by being a better student both in the classroom and in your community.  Student Athletes is a must to continue to advance in the game.

Earns the respect from their teammates and opponents

  • As a baseball player, whether a teammate or opponent, by playing the game correctly, paying attention, and pushing yourself to become a better player and teammate will earn the respect of both your teammates and opponents.

Recognizes that baseball is like life… and has its up’s and down’s

  • Baseball is allot like life.  There will be days where you get the breaks and calls and other days you don’t.  It is important to stay calm and get through the tough days and continue to do your best.  In the long run, it all balances out and will work out for the best if you continue to work hard.

Stay positive and continue to work hard and get better

  • Regardless of the outcome, if you have given your best at all times, in practice sessions, game days, school, and at home, you are a WINNER… regardless of the outcome.  It is times where the outcome doesn’t go your way, you still need to stay mentally tough and positive.